I Don’t Wanna Be Alone in the Darkness

My step-father finally got an officer to talk to him, and they said that my brother was inside with a hostage- his son. My parents pleaded with the officers, saying that his son was in the car with them and no one but my brother could be in the house. They didn't listen and wouldn't let anyone get near the property. "He might have a gun."

New Direction

Hi everyone. This website so far has been a bit of everything and has changed a lot over the years. Some blogs about Japan and I had been working on some Top 10 blogs. However, I’ve just lost motivation as of late. There are other things I feel that I should talk about on this... Continue Reading →

Day 3- Red Skies and Arcades

It’s insane how the time differences between countries. We both woke up about 4 am and walked outside to sit in the cool air. Weirdly, there were people already traveling up the street toward the train station, even when it didn’t open until 6 am. Maybe they were getting their morning bike in? After fighting... Continue Reading →

My Top 10 Most Influential Bands

There are so many mediums in entertainment available today that bring joy to so many people. From television, video games, theater to sports, the time and energy that are put into these mediums cannot be understated. However, there is one form that brings me the most joy and holds immense meaning in my life. Music.... Continue Reading →

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