Day 1, Part 2- Sixteen Miles

The Uber ride turned into a 50 minute drive; traffic in D.C. is insane. While I shouldn’t have been surprised, I was. But it was beautiful. The bridges, the sights in the distance… It was something that I don’t think I’ve ever seen before. I’ve never been a big city person, but man, I can... Continue Reading →

Prepare Yourselves…

You're about to get a huge blog about our trip in Japan! It's going to be uploaded in segments; it may be either one or two days per post. It depends on how much I have to talk about in one blog post. The stories and craziness will be coming very soon! -K

Website Revamp

I'm going to go through and redo this entire site. If you see a lot of things moving around and things added/deleted, that's what's going on. I'm thinking about making it primarily a blog and a place to put up some of my writing. We will see. Thanks to those that follow along with me~... Continue Reading →

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