About Me


Oh, you want to know about me?

The name is Kira. The End.

…Just kidding.

Who is this Chick?

I’m a simple person- give me some tunes and a good video game to play and I’ll stay forever. I like piercings and tattoos, crazy hair and black with bright colors. I’ve been called a pastel goth more times than I can remember. Music is possibly my favorite form of entertainment- I listen to almost everything. However, I generally enjoy metal or something with a beat and voice.

Currently, I’m in school to get my Masters in Forensic Psychology. I don’t have an exact direction I want to go in yet. Maybe I’ll get my degree and move to Europe and become a wicked tattoo artist that does ink while reading case files. This seems like the best course of action. Maybe I’ll get my own TV show.

I’m married to a handsome man that makes me laugh and supports me in everything. He is my grape slush.

I also have three cats and a dog. They’re all really goofy, but I love them anyway.


Domain Name

Okay, let’s be real. If you could snag a domain name that is essentially ‘WTF,’ wouldn’t you?

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