The Girl with Thick Rimmed Glasses

So, I feel like I should introduce myself now that I am fully running and keeping up with my blogs!

My name is Kira and I have been writing on and off my entire life. I haven’t really been confident in it- there are many things that I’ve written that I will never release to the light of day. However, I am hoping through using this site as a medium that I can eventually become confident enough to put out many things in the future.

Really, there are many things that I am interested in and willing to write about. Whether that be about my personal life or different topics that may come up that I find will be great to talk about. My general interests include mental health, teaching, tattoos, gaming, music, coffee, writing and traveling! I also love to make new cosplays and go to conventions. Currently, I am working on a long series about my time in Japan.

I enjoy talking about games and music with anyone. These are two of my biggest hobbies that I currently have. Most of my tattoos are video game based! I also do some sketching and commission work on the side as well, but not as often as I’d like to.

The most important thing to know about me is that I am, and will always be, a huge mental health advocate. Suffering from mental health issues myself, as well as interacting with many people both in my field and personal life that have been diagnosed, heightens my passion is to give as much as I can toward spreading awareness about the different issues and stigmas that surround the topics. It’s something that is very important to me and things that I may cover on this site! I hope that even through this small site that I am able to give a voice to those that are personally living with or are close to someone with one of these diseases. Or even to anyone who wants to learn more!

Currently, I am working full-time as a Health Educator and going to school for my Masters in Forensic Psychology. I adore what I do, and I’m looking forward to what the future holds for me. You never know what might be around the corner, and every day is a new beginning to try something new.

I generally enjoy talking to open minded people about many different topics. So please feel free to contact me about any topics you might find interesting! I’m always looking to gain more knowledge and different perspectives on things.



Thanks for reading!


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